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How do you avoid getting into a work rut? At Oaklin, we looove what we do, but that doesn’t mean that we don't start getting a little antsy when we spend too much time at the desk. The great thing about our line of creative work though, is that we can take our jobs on the road. We LOVE to get out of the office and out into the community. You can find us working all over Helena (and all over Montana). We're always sipping our favorite lattes and setting up shop for a couple of hours in our FAVE spots. If you haven't been, then you've gotta check them out!

The Hub:

A popular spot for our Wednesday strategy meetings! We love to sit around one of their large tables, pull out our laptops, and start dreaming. I'm a big fan of the Irish Rose latte. The Hub is always bustling with new and old friends. It's been the birthplace of some of our biggest ideas.

Vanilla Bean Bakery:

Vanilla Bean just opened a new location and it was worth waiting for! We're obsessed with their chai lattes paired with a cupcake. LOVE it. We're loving cozying up to the fireplace for a solo work session or sitting at the coffee bar watching the action. Depending on the day of the week, you might just run into a member of Team Oaklin getting a sweet treat with a client or the whole squad.

The Hawthorne:

There's nothing like a glass of wine and sitting down to design something beautiful. Every once in a while, you'll spot us enjoying the amazing selection at The Hawthorne. If it's going to be a long work sesh, the charcuterie is delicious and perfect for snacking.

Where are you taking your work with you? Share your top spots with us in the comments!

- Peri Dropping, Graphic Designer

Contact her at peri@oaklincreative.com

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