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We're staying in

With everything going on in the world, more and more people are working from home. Whether it be a matter of personal choice or company policy, it's all in the name of staying healthy. We're embracing social-distancing!

Consider this time as an opportunity to be productive.

Working from home can be stressful- we've all experienced it. All the distractions of everyday life can get in the way, plus, you're at home- it's cozy and working can be the last thing on your mind when there is so much happening.

So how do we make the most of this time?

If you're working from home...

1. Stick to your usual morning routine.

Sometimes, it's hard to be productive in sweatpants and a messy bun. I know that when I choose to get dressed and ready for the day it's way easier to sit down and get to work. Wake up on time, get ready like you normally would (skip your full professional wardrobe and opt for something a little comfier!), and make yourself that morning cup of coffee. If you're a breakfast person, then make it happen.

2. Pick a work spot.

Maybe you don't have a home office, that's okay! Don't try to work from bed, that should be a space reserved for rest and relaxation. I picked a seat at my kitchen island and set up shop! Maybe for you, it's the kitchen table, the front porch, or even the couch. Just make sure your space is tidy and free of distractions.

3. Break it up.

Set times for breaks. Say you start work at 9 am, maybe you take an hour for lunch at noon, or maybe you prefer shorter breaks throughout the day. Take that time to stretch! Go for a walk! Try yoga! You could color or bake or have a dance party. The magic of staying home means you can go all out with your breaks, as long as you stay on schedule!

If you're staying in...

1. Stay active.

Sitting around my house all day can be nice, but in order to maintain good sleeping habits and not go stir-crazy, I've gotta move a little. I'm a fan of online yoga courses when I can't get into the studio. I love Yoga With Adrienne, a YouTuber who does free online classes! She does sessions that range from 15 minutes to an hour of yoga in varying intensities. Not a yogi? You can find at-home workouts to suit whatever your workout style is.

2. Get organized.

I just reorganized my entire pantry and it felt friggin awesome. Use the free time to get everything in order. It's spring cleaning season anyways! Clean out your closet and set aside your donation pile. Reorganize the garage! Deep clean your shower! It doesn't just have to be your home either. Sort out the files you've got randomly saved in your desktop... I know I need to.

3. Try new things.

Have you ever tried meditation? Now is your time! Got a recipe you've been wanting to try out, but just haven't had a chance? DO IT. We can all branch out while staying in.

4. Embrace this time.

At a time where so much is uncertain, pull your loved ones in close (physically or virtually!). As daunting as it may feel, embrace the peace and quiet of slower mornings, the comfort of family, and the hope that comes from doing our part- even if our part is just staying home.

How are you keeping busy?

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