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  • Where is Proof Marketing located?
    We have 2 locations in Helena and Missoula, Montana.
  • What Is A StoryBrand Guide?
    A StoryBrand Guide is a marketing specialist who has been trained in the StoryBrand Framework. The StoryBrand Framework helps companies grow, fast. A StoryBrand Certified Guide is qualified to help businesses create and implement marketing based on the StoryBrand Framework.
  • What Is The StoryBrand Framework?
    The StoryBrand Framework is a popular marketing messaging tool among business leaders that allows organizations to clarify their message using a seven part-process that leverages the power of story. Used correctly, this powerful tool can help your business become a valuable asset in the lives of your customers.
  • What Is A StoryBrand BrandScript?
    A StoryBrand Brandscript is a one page template, allowing brands to define and clarify their core marketing message. A BrandScript contains seven narrative/story elements. This helps Brands speak a language that customer are more likely to connect with.
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