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Free Grant Money Available!

At Proof Marketing, we love to help businesses find helpful information to grow their businesses and make more money! Our friend, Michelle Robinson, sent us this info last week and we know you need this! Hurry and find some trainings or certifications to better your business now, because IWT wants to help fund it!

A great investment would be to attend this!:

Live Coaching with Donald Miller:

June 10 from 10am - 11:30am CDT On this Business Made Simple livestream, Donald Miller coaches you through a sales framework and helps you create an irresistible sales pitch for your product or service. Subscribe to Business Made Simple to get access to this event PLUS new Live Coaching events every month!

IT'S ONLY $275! Apply for a grant to cover it here!

Not only do you get the FREE COACHING, but you also get a membership to

Each Course Takes the Mystery Out of Growing a Business And you get access to all of them with your Business Made Simple subscription.

Here's what you get:

How can you experience healthy growth and greater revenue?

The market is flooded with self-help online courses, bloated training platforms, and personality-driven hype. Some of the same platforms that will teach you to manage your money will also teach you to play the banjo.

But what do you and your people actually need to learn to create a stronger business? Business Made Simple is all about helping you master the key areas of business. If you and your team understand the basics of leadership, sales, marketing, product creation, overhead, and cash flow, your business will thrive.

The on-demand courses in the Business Made Simple platform will give you the fundamentals of uniting a team, telling customers about your products, winning more deals for your business, and creating a healthy culture. We’ll regularly release new courses to equip you for every aspect of your business. Soon, you’ll have a plan to communicate more effectively with your team, be more productive, negotiate better deals, and much more. Even better, the Business Made Simple platform is actually gamified. The more you and your team engage the platform, the more points you get. And the more points you get, the higher you move on the scoreboard. The whole system is designed to make learning fun and engaging. Don’t settle for information overload and overpriced trainings that don’t move the needle for your business. Get access to Business Made Simple and watch your business grow.



Below is a message from Michelle and how to apply for the grant! (must have been in business 1 year or more to qualify.)

Greetings from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) program.