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How to Tik Tok: 5 Tips for Content Creation

How to get your business discovered on Tik Tok

How to Tik Tok:

Struggling to get started? Not sure where to start or how to really optimize the content you’re creating? We’re here to help!

Getting Started:

  1. First, you need to follow Tik Tok accounts that are in your niche/target a similar audience to you. This will help you come up with effective content ideas and track Tik Tok trends.

  2. Then, as you begin to get ideas for your own content, you can get better and better at creating viral videos.

  3. Start monitoring trends and jump on them - trending sounds and filters

5 Tips for making better TikTok videos

  • Prioritize quality:

  • Poorly produced videos with bad lighting and sound or fuzzy visuals are hard to watch, and most people won’t stick around for more than a couple of seconds.

  • Make it interesting right off the bad:

  • You need to capture your audience within the first 3 seconds of the video. Whatever the purpose of the video is, cut to the chase right away! No one wants to listen to rambling.

  • Keep the viewer interested:

  • Keep your videos short and sweet. Don’t try to fit too much in! You will bore people if the videos are more than 15-20 seconds

  • Your videos should provide value: