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What is the Grunt Test?

If a prehistoric caveman were to look at your website, could they “grunt” exactly what you do just by looking at the homepage?

The “caveman” can be considered anyone who lands on your website and has never heard of your business before.

The fact is, the human brain is millions of years old and its natural instinct is to “survive and thrive", meaning that our brains will filter out anything unnecessary or confusing. Your brain is wired to conserve calories.

The human mind is drawn toward simplicity and clarity, and away from noise and confusion.

As a business owner or marketer, you might look at your website and be in love. You might think your message is clear, but do your potential customers know how you solve their problems?

“What is a grunt test?”

As a StoryBrand guide, I often hear:

“Our website is getting traffic, but we’re not making sales. We’ve tried everything, SEO, Google Adwords, social media but we’re still not growing as fast as we should be.”

If you experience this issue, chances are, your website message is unclear and it is causing you to lose customers.

There are countless things we can do to improve your website, but for now, let’s focus on the Grunt Test. But why?

It's because it's a quick to fix and will cost you almost nothing – you can literally do this yourself, and fast!

The response from your potential customers will be almost immediate. You’ll be making more sales overnight!


When someone lands on your website, you have 5 seconds to answer these three questions:


Is it a product or a service? If it’s a service, is there an easier way to articulate your offerings? Are you in retail and want to frame your business as a brand?

Example: If you're selling ‘networking services’, then say ‘networking services’. If you are a Realtor say ‘real estate’ or 'Realtor'.


1. How will it make my life better or why should I care abou