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What types of posts get the most engagement?

Without engagement, social media is just media.

Getting your viewers to become engaged with your content shows Facebook & Instagram that your content is resonating well with your audience and you’re more likely to be shown to more people and have your audience interact with you.

The ONE thing you need to do to increase social media engagement:

Algorithms aside, the ONE most important thing you need to be doing to increase engagement on Facebook and Instagram is to be consistent.

The more you show up, the more people will engage, the more the algorithm will like your content, the more you will show up. Rinse and repeat.

Start posting today and be consistent for a few weeks and watch how your channels grow automatically!


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5 more easy ways to increase social media engagement you can implement TODAY:

  1. Make sure YOU are showing up. People follow accounts that are genuine, and you are the best person to be that. Just be YOU!

  2. Give polls: If someone is asked to give their opinion to help affect change, they’re much more likely to interact than just being asked a question and giving an answer. All audiences are different, so if your questions aren’t getting interaction, try a poll instead!

  3. Post about more than just your business and products. Don’t be afraid to branch out and share more about your social life! (it’s SOCIAL media, after all!) Be flexible and show your true colors.

  4. Dogs (and puppies!) are always loved by audiences! Go get yourself an office dog or share pictures of your doggo on your social media and watch those likes roll in.

  5. If you are a business that improves something (cleaners, makeup artists, house painting, car body repair, etc) post-before-and-afters for your audience to enjoy! People love seeing transformations!

  6. Bonus! Quote cards are highly shareable, so finding and styling quotes that speak to your audience's likes, wants and needs can get you those much-desired shares!


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