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Why you NEED email marketing

We're all searching for the best way to access our dream clients. Is it text alerts? Is it social media? Is it a stellar website? Is it an email-based newsletter? The answer is probably all of the above, but too many people neglect that last one. Email marketing is drastically underutilized by small business owners!

Far too often, we think of our businesses as being just too small to be using email to reach our audiences. We think of the bright and professional-looking email newsletters that fill our inbox and wonder if we could EVER engage an audience in that way. We wonder if our clients would even want to hear from us.

Your clients (and future clients) WANT to hear from you. Email marketing allows you to tell your story in a personal way. Emails are visual, dynamic, and allow you to connect to your audience in a beautiful package.

Not sold yet?


The average ROI (return on investment) for every $1 spent on email marketing is $38. That is MASSIVE!


Okay, we've peaked your interest. How do you do it?

Here's our mini-guide.

1. Build that email list.

If you want to send emails, you've gotta have someone to send them to. It's time to hustle. Maybe you're not quite ready to start your email marketing venture, that’s okay, but you need to start building that list ASAP. Add a subscription button to your website! If your business has a physical location then put out a sign-up sheet. It's pretty simple, the more people on your list, the more people you get to reach with your emails each week.

2. Provide value.

Today, people are constantly for something worth engaging with. This means your content needs to give them something. You can offer some educating info, give them a laugh, or draw them in with your personal stories. Give them something of value! Email exclusive deals incentivize clients to open your emails and buy from you.

3. Make it fun

Your clients are ready. So pick a date (maybe once a week or once a month) and stay consistent! Clients will start to look forward to and expect your content. You can mix it up- share deals, stories, info, and more. Don't be afraid "surprise" your clients with occasional surprise deals or reminders. Just don't go overboard.


It's time for you to take your business to the next level with email marketing. Invest in the time to build your list and craft interesting and consistent content. It's worth it! Need some help getting started? Feel free to reach out.

- Peri Dropping, Graphic Designer

Contact her at

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